Smutburger Vol.3 Launch

Launch of Smutburger Editions Volume 3 to accompany the opening/performance of our featured writer Candystore!

Fun With Poly

Smutburger investigates expanded conceptions of sex and love, focussing on the ins and outs of the poly experience for women with Renelyn Quinicot and Jenny Yuen – December 2022


With the overturning of Roe v Wade in the US, what can we learn and relearn about the practice of abortion in Canada? 

Aimee Wall, the author of the Giller-longlisted novel We,Jane, about woman-led, unsanctioned abortion care in rural Newfoundland, joins us to explore the speculative, historical and very real realms of abortion in Canada. 

Being Terrified Turns Me On

It’s Halloween and Smutburger is joining in the festivities with our last online event of the year: Being Terrified Turns Me On. With panelists Anna Fitzpatrick and Carolyn Mauricette. – October 2021

The Loosening

Online event that took place in May 2021 – featuring LA Warman and Madelyne Beckles

The Crackdown: Sex Worker Suppression and Expression

In the wake of changes made to the Instagram terms of use, making the platform inhospitable to those that work in sex, Smutburger wants to look to the past to understand what is happening in our present day virtual world. Does the present day crackdown mirror historical control in Canada? (Gay, lesbian and S/M pornography being stopped at the border on its way to Little Sisters and Glad Day comes to mind.) What sexual practices are most targeted historically? Who is adversely impacted by this censoring right now? And what ways are there, if any, around this policing? What outlets and platforms are supportive of sex workers and which ones are controlling?  Where can one find sexual freedom and safety in the public sphere? Smutburger has curated a night exploring the roots and flowering of sexual suppression and expression to find out what the current day crackdown says about our country.

Image of the cover for the book 'Modern Whore - A Memoir' by Andrea Werhun

The Sexual Healing Thesis

Online event that took place in October 2020 – featuring Tea Mutonji and Katrina Marie

When the Sick Rule the World

Our first online event took place in the midst of lockdown in May 2020 – with Drew Zeiba

Unhinged: Sex with Apps

Poster for the Smutburger evelt 'Unhinged: Sex with Apps'. There is a drawing of a topless woman with her hands in her pants, with the pant button undone. A phone with a broken screen is tucked in the button opening, with the screen showing  red heart.

For the second round of Smut, we are exploring the ever present influence of apps and computer interfaces on how we fuck in present day culture. What do these interfaces mean for femme expression of desire and the ability to announce it publicly and actively search it out? This night we will get our faces out from the glow of our phones and publicly explore the sex and tech landscape from the perspective of women, trans and non-binary people.

Does the erotic promise on the phone screen lead to sexual fulfillment? Or do these spaces merely recreate certain structural issues and uneven power dynamics in pursuing sex and connection? How can these virtual realms be used in a subsversive and queer manner? Is this the melding of sex and technology we all envisioned and hoped for in the future or has our experiment gone utterly wrong?

Cover of the book 'Just Pervs' by Jess Taylor

Adult Sex-Ed

Our inaugural event took place at The Monarch Tavern in January 2020 – featuring Cason Sharpe, Therese Estacion, Vanessa Oliver