Fun With Poly

Smutburger investigates expanded conceptions of sex and love, focussing on the ins and outs of the poly experience for women. 

As the practice of polyamory and ethical non-monogamy gradually becomes more open and known in our imagination, what still needs to be understood? What does it mean to love more than one person at the same time? How does polyamory function in our overriding Western culture of monogamy, possession and jealousy? Does this type of relationship challenge the dominant culture in larger ways, outside of the bedroom? How do people get into poly – by accident or by drive? And is polyamory a practice or an identity? Does it differ between LGBTQ and heterosexual communities? What are the histories, both established and less known? And of course, because this is a Smutburger event, what is the literature of polyamory? Guests Renelyn Quinicot and Jenny Yuen explore these questions and more in an evening of open dialogue and exploration.