The Sexual Healing Thesis

Image of the cover of the book 'Shut Up You're Pretty' by Tea Mutonji.

Our summer has been one of slowing down and stillness whilst simultaneously pursuing long overdue revolutions and change. A grounding force in all of this is the drive to heal, both generationally and personally. It is in this larger cultural trajectory that Smutburger will dedicate a night to the exploration of sexual healing. If nature is healing then our pleasure can too.
The night’s discussion will explore the power of orgasm as therapy. We will explore the history of sexual healing work and it’s previous need to be kept secret and underground. How have practitioners actively worked against the negative associations that sex healing has weathered throughout the centuries? What does it mean to work within a persecuted practice and how does everyone involved recover pleasure from their own potential repressive personal background?
How do these sexual healing practices fit into our conception of sex work? Why do we not recognize common notions of sex work as inherently therapeutic?

How do we undertake this work in our personal life? What is the best way to facilitate  sexual exploration in order to lead to healthy conceptions of self and erotic joy?   Independently or communally? Self-directed or lead by a teacher? Through touching or writing?
Help us develop a theory!