The Tea on T: A Night on Trans Creation

A discussion on the images and language of expanding masculinity

As traditional, oftentimes toxic, representatives of hyper-masculinity are being brought down, albeit not without a fight, what do trans masculine narratives do to complicate this? With the wealth of possibilities inherent in trans identity and narrative, masculinity can at times be both counter-productive and supportive.

Smutburger speaks to men about the shifting ideas of masculinity and where they see their place in it. What does this undoing look like in practice? How do we all benefit from this shift? Furthermore, what is the language of trans creation? What are the images? How big a part does testosterone play? And are any of these even the right questions when we are embracing non-linear forms of becoming and the casting off of any biological limitations? Join us for a night about the male experience navigating gender and body politics, in hopes of creating greater expansion, and possibilities for all.

Panel discussion moderated by Courtney Toderash and Tamara Faith Berger.


Nigel Wynne

Nigel Wynne is from Manchester and has lived in Toronto since 1997. Nigel started medical transition relatively late in life, at forty years old. He has spent the past decade teaching at community colleges, including a course on sexual diversity. As a transgender teacher, he is all too aware of the need to make the classroom an anti-oppressive environment and a positive space for all students. He says that there are times in life when he’s out and known, but also many times when being trans barely registers.

Jah Grey

Jah Grey is a self-taught photographic artist primarily focused on portraiture who began his career researching and studying concepts of black masculinity in 2014, showcasing the struggle between the idealized norm vs. the desired embodiment through a trans lens.

His photographs have been shown widely including at the Museum of Contemporary Art the Art Gallery of Ontario as well as at Ford Foundation Gallery in New York City and in Los Angeles at the LAMBDA LITFEST