Smutburger Editions

Smutburger Editions makes experimental smut. Provocative and innovative, this series of short works breaks new ground in contemporary erotica, featuring a celebrity artist centerfold.

These works explore all sexualities and manifestations of desire. Our volumes resist convention and surprise readers: making you think and want to read with one hand all at the same time.

In collaboration with multidisciplinary artist Candystore, Vol. 3 is the piercing of cock and consciousness.

Smutburger Editions presents Further From Heaven, the smart and smutty journey of a budding genderfuck. What happens to the horny self as it morphs from young fag to feminine to falling in love?

Mixing prose, profiles and courtly poetry, multidisciplinary New York artist Candystore takes on the dominant culture of gay app hookups in their direct and titillating coming-of-age story. She-he swipes, drives, flies and camps, transcribing the praxis of urban and rural queer America.

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